Latest Bridal Trends

Every bride-to-be wants to look beautiful on her wedding day and eyelash extensions are an elegant way to accent the eyes and face for a stunning bridal look. The best false lashes can be natural looking and appear as though they were yours from the start or breathtakingly bold when other designs and colors are incorporated. So if you’re looking for a surefire route to a striking appearance for your nuptials, then eyelash extensions are definitely your best bet!

There are different styles of eyelash extensions that suit different kinds of bridal looks. You and your Lash Artist will decide on the thickness, curl, length, and design of your lashes. Whether you choose demure, naturally long lashes or a lengthier, more glamorous look, eyelash extensions will enhance your eyes and face without being overdone.
If you are unsure about your preferred style of eyelash extensions, here are some of the most popular bridal lash trends of 2014 to help you choose your best look.

Minimal Makeup

The “no makeup” makeup look is currently en vogue with brides wishing to appear fresh-faced and makeup-free even though they are actually wearing makeup. Silk or faux mink eyelashes are best suited for this. Because you’ll have a natural complexion and soft lip, full, 2-3D volume lashes are the perfect highlight to your look. Be sure to choose a length that is closest to your own and avoid going heavier than .10mm. With this design, you will achieve a youthful, doe-eyed appearance that your groom will surely love.

Soft Lashes, Strong Brow, and Bold Lip


Many brides are opting for soft, delicate lashes, a natural, bold brow, and neutral cheeks. Try shorter, thinner, classically-designed faux or silk mink eyelashes with a subtle curl to achieve this look. Your lashes will have a romantic, soft flutter, which is just as elegant as your natural lashes but seemingly better. This look is topped off with a stunning lip that pops. Right now, the lip colors on trend are bright, matte oranges and deep, scarlet reds.

Smokey Eye with Bold Lashes

Sultry, smokey eyes are a popular option for modern bridal makeup. This look is usually accented by strong, bold lashes with dramatic curl and striking length. Lash extensions give you this high-glamour look with their full, tapered body and high-shine finish especially if you opt for a 4-6D volume set.

Colored and Ombre Lashes

Eyelash extensions are also available in an array of colors and color gradients for those fashion-forward brides who want to incorporate color using their eyelashes. Red, yellow, pink, and pretty much every color of the rainbow is at your disposal, as well as unique finishes like glitter, metallics, and rhinestones. If you have a flare for the dramatic, then go for it and try some colored lashes on your wedding day.

Whichever trend you choose, always do a trial run with your eyelash extensions well before the big day. Have them applied by a professional at least 2 weeks prior so you can see what they will look like and have the design tweaked if necessary.

Ultimately, your wedding day can be an emotional event and you will need quality makeup to withstand your tears of joy. Eyelash extensions do not require mascara so feel free to show your emotions without fear of having dreaded raccoon eyes. You will undoubtedly be flawless for all your wedding photos despite any emotional moments. And just as you and your beau will have a love for always, you and your extensions will live lashfully ever after.

source: eyelashextensions101.com

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